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  • Terms and Conditions are apply on all the web services provided by Insight infosystem and ordered by the client. Any edition to these conditions shall have no effect unless agreed in writing.

  • All the information provided in the website is the property of the insight infosystem .The content in the website is are protected by copyrighted material. The use of this website at the visitor own personal risk.

  • Our Quotation are valid for only seven days. Insight reserve the right to increase and decrease the price in future on the basis of future changes.

  • Insight is not responsible of any loss due to non achieved the agreed deadlines of project. Insight is not liable if website go down or any server failure or any script currupted or damage.

  • Email is the only method to contact in all communication for website design, development, SEO and Hosting. Insight is not responsible of any task which is communicate on the phone or on the messenger chat.

  • The work will be started after confirmation email by client to Insight Infosystem.

  • 30 to 50 percent non refundable payment require to start the work. After seven days if client wish to cancel the project so no refund shall be made by Insight Infosystem. The website is put on live once the client clear the remaining balance is paid in full.

  • Client agrees to contact with Insight during the development and design phase of project. If a client not giving response in 2 week then we send 3 notice in specified email address. If still not get any response then we terminate the project without any notice . If in future client come back Insight will charge extra INR 500 admin charges.

  • All the script , application or software written by the Insight remain copyright of Insight Infosystem and not to be resold without permission of Insight Infosystem.

  • Clients agree that resale or distribute of the web design code is forbidden unless prior written agreement between Client and Insight Infosystem.

  • Clients agree that Insight reserve the right to include any word done in a portfolio of work.

  • Insight reserve the right to cancel or refuse to do work on unlawful media, virus hostile programme, client harassment, violence and harmful intent spamming.

  • Insight reserve the right to cancel or terminate the project without refund in event of any inappropriate conduct, threatening behaviour, abusing with any employee. Any further communication then must be only via postal mail only.

  • Client agrees that hosting charges is paid within 10days of hosting expiry date. Renewal of Hosting and Domain is on yearly basis. Client agrees that is his responsibility to renew the domain on time.

  • Insight place a small text link in the bottom of client website that states Website Design and SEO by insight and its link goes to insight website, If client dont wish it then he has to pay double extra cost to hide it.

  • Insight reserves the right to change the hosting of client without any notice and charge the hosting price in any time.

  • Before the website go live insight require full fund of the quotation. Its client responsibilities to read all the website content and notice to insight to go live. Client agrees to provide all details in good time during design and development.

  • Insight provides first draft of 2 design in which client choose one as first draft. If client is happy with the design and wish to go to more pages then its means first design is approved. If in future client wish to redesign the first draft then insight charge the fund on the basis of design. It exclude the simple content and image changes or replacement.

  • Insight provides the logos design with first draft and basic 3 redesign in logo. For redesign insight create A4 pages, if more then A4 page content comes then it treats a new page

  • Insight provides the hosting with every web design order. If any client website is going out of bandwidth or size then Insight charges the fund any time, or terminate the hosting, or ask for better package.

  • Clients agrees website design is based on his choice when going live and all estimate in email are rough estimates in web design and development.

  • Clients agrees its his responsibility to add the content in the web pages if its CMS based website. In static website Its client responsibility to supply the test via email and confirm that is inserted the right page.

  • Client agrees that Ecommerce and CMS functionality and layout is fixed and sometime not possible to implement the new changes in existing layout.

  • Client agrees that Insight is not responsible for any failure, bug , errors, fault, warning in the website. Insight is not responsible of any loss, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, claims etc. Insight is not responsible of any loss of earning due to the work carried out on behalf of the client.

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